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In my experience as a licensed mental health professional, Amanita Muscaria has shown to effectively treat chronic anxiety & panic attacks, depression, obsessive thoughts, ADHD, PTSD, burnout, boundary issues, sleep, and even physical conditions like pain, digestive problems and arthritis.
It has helped countless people lose their craving for sugar and other addictive substances. And it provides focus and stamina for those who feel unmotivated and out of touch with their creativity. *


A new 6-week course starts in August 2024 for US and English speaking participants

Dates: Sundays, August 18, 25, and September 1, 8, 15, 22 at 11 am - 12 pm ET/USA on Zoom.
The course includes an optional macrodosing session on September 21. It´s important to take the entire day off in order to participate.

The meetings will be recorded but I am asking everyone to commit to participating in the meetings as often as possible. Much of the healing is done in a supportive and loving group context as we learn from each other.
The course is limited to 8 participants, i.e. you will get individual guidance how to find the right dose for you.
​I´ll be glad to write up an invoice (please inquire).
Course fee: 275 Euros

What you´ll get out of it:
- How to prepare and dose the mushroom safely according to your individual needs
- An effective microdosing protocol for depression and anxiety
- Tools to set strong boundaries, which is at the root of the emotional exhaustion that is part of depression
- Soothe the inner critic which exacerbates all fear, and develop of new concept of time
- Strengthen your intuition and your Larger / True Self
- Reconnect to your body
- Heal through macrodosing
- Course handouts
- I´m available throughout the 6 weeks if there are additional questions about microdosing 

I come from a shamanic & nature connection approach, applied to contemporary psychotherapy.

Amanita Muscaria should not be used if you are taking benzodiazepines, heavy sleep or pain medication, lithium, ketamine, or when pregnant/breast feeding. It is not suitable for people with alcohol addiction/active substance use, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Regular use of Cannabis can decrease the effects of Amanita Muscaria.

It is not problematic if you take antidepressants/SSRIs. 

To inquire about this course email: Gerti@ThisSacredLife.Earth


"I have a new sense of awareness of my own boundaries. Badly behaved people are not affecting me like they used to. Amanita makes it feel like she holds your hand and lets you know you’ve got this, I have your back and you are loved"
Cindy Piccolo, course participant

"I noticed that my reactivity and mood was much improved and I don’t judge myself like I used to. The inner pressure is gone. People in my day-to-day life have also noticed the change and want to know my secret."
Stacey M., psychologist, course participant

"The mushroom is very calming, I experienced the best rest I had since I can’t remember, and woke up so refreshed. My appetite is changing. I did a lot of emotional eating due to stress and that has changed pretty quickly". DS, course participant

"Amanita has been amazing. There was a very challenging situation in my family, and I have so much more patience and kindness towards it now, there’s been a real softening, much less anxiety and frustration. I know that we´ll figure it out together". CP, psychotherapist, course participant

“I have found that salt and sugar are too intense for me now. Low salt foods are soothing and cool to my otherwise `hot´ tongue. Prior to Amanita Muscaria it was hard to think of a way to cut back `flavor´, but this has really got me enjoying gentler foods. My intention was to lower my blood pressure. I´m really blown away by this." NS, course participant

"My introduction to plant spirit medicine through this guided microdosing experience has been so sweet! It has also led to great expansion in my life in ways I never expected or could have predicted. The emphasis given to developing a relationship to the spirit and essence of the medicine is I believe what makes all the difference. Gerti is a tremendous teacher and her gentle strength and wise presence just permeates you. She is really onto something~ may all beings benefit!"
​Akesha Baron, psychotherapist, course participant 


I do not  work with illegal substances, not underground and not overground.
I am not a psychiatrist or medical doctor and cannot give medical advice. The information available about Amanita Muscaria originates mostly from anecdotal evidence of experienced users in the US, and the folk wisdom traditions of Eastern Europe, Siberia and Russia, where the mushroom has been used as a natural medicine for thousands of years. The most comprehensive study to date was conducted with 3000 participants on all continents and is summarized in the book "Microdosing Amanita Muscaria" by the Russian physician and researcher Baba Masha.

* “This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

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Thanks for your interest!

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